ON THIS DATE: ___________________________ ___________________ (Seller) has agreed to sell and the below named (Buyer) has agreed to buy one AKC Registered German Shepherd puppy/dog for the Purchase Price named below, under the terms in this Agreement and described as follows:


Sire Name: _______________________ Dam Name:___ _____________________

Preferred sex:____________________

SELLER: Von Prinz German Shepherds  

BUYER: _________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________ Email: _________________________________             Reservation Fee:

The Purchase Price is $________ Part of the Purchase Price will be paid immediately with this Agreement as a Reservation fee to guarantee that Seller will hold the Dog for the Buyer until an agreed upon pick-up date. Reservation fee in the amount of  $ ______ is required to hold this Dog for the Buyer until date of Delivery. The Balance Due ( $ _____) , after crediting the Deposit ($_____ ) , will be paid at the time of Transfer of the Dog to the Buyer.

GENERAL This written Agreement contains all of the terms of this Fee. No refunds will be given, all reservations are non-refundable. Buyer certifies that they have read the Von Prinz German Shepherds Puppy's contract in full before completing this deposit.                                                                                                                                  

Buyer: Signature _______________________________________________Date_______________

Seller: Von Prinz German Shepherds__________________________________Date_____________