Von Prinz German Shepherds

Our Lacey aka Diesel is one of the best dogs we could ask for definitely loyal & smart!!! Von Prinz Kennels really care about the dog they sell. Nickie is very caring in her dogs & puppies. She kept us posted & showed pictures as we waited to be new puppy owners. I have three other dogs & nine grandkids she is awesome with all of them!!! I would definitely recommend Von Prinz Kennels!!!!! Also have made friends with other dog owners that got puppies from Nickie . Thanks Nickie! !! - Denise

Hello!! Just wanted to say thank you again for the most beautiful sweet loving puppy EVER!!! She is a true blessing and has made our household a million times better and we thought it was amazing before!!! I have a few dog loving friends who are sincerely interested in a pup in the future. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. We have musician friends that are on the road for a 3 month tour this summer who had the pleasure of meeting her and Oolee (our older dog) and they were all over her as much as she was loving on them haha made their day!! She loves to crawl on top of you and give kisses and nibble your chin and ears lol or roll belly up for tummy rubs. She also made about 100 sailors day this past Sunday at the tall ships festival after party in Green Bay. Oolee is a wonderful pup too he is just not as friendly with others as Nula is. She is definitely the lover and he is the protector. I have never seen a pup play in the water the way she does. She even tries to get inside of her water dish knowing that it is to small. haha. She absolutely loves water. Playing ball too. She's an awesome traveler and sometime when we're near you we'd like to come visit so you can see her again. Although she loves everything and everyone she does have a favorite :) and its me!! Yay!! Lol. She is such a positive influence for Oolee. He's become more laid back and lovey and much less barky. I could go on and on about her! Thank you again for being patient with us as it allowed us to pick the absolute perfect puppy we adore :) Sherry

Love our boy since the day we brought him home. Great babysitter for our 6 year old granddaughter. Gibbs will not let her out of his sight. Very smart, get comments all the time about how gorgeous he is, no time at all to house break, and all the neighbors love him. No doubt in my mind he would protect us if needed.            Mary

So happy with our decision to purchase a dog from Von Prinz Kennel. Hilde has a great personality. Her temperament is awesome. So loving. She is a fast learner and also very loyal. Nickie is very knowledgeable. She answered my questions before, during and even after the sale was complete. She is always happy to answer questions or just talk about our Hilde. Looking forward to getting another puppy from them.         Karen

​Past Puppies

It was so refreshing getting my 2 puppies from someone who truly cares about her dogs and their future. My puppies are now 2 years old and have been such a joy! They are so easy to train, and they are definitely "velcro" dogs. They were a great addition to my family!! - Vicki

 I am so grateful to have found Von Prinz Kennels. I picked up Maverick August 2014 and he has been one of the best dogs I have ever had. He is easily trainable, perfect temperament, great with other animals, goofy personality, but most importantly he is great with children. I found out I was pregnant with my first child the same month I picked Mavvy up. My son is now over a year old and we have had no issues. I would highly recommend getting your puppy from them and will definitely consider them if I am ever in the market for another GSD pup! - Samantha